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What do you mean, not so gorgeous Easter? If you can manage a lovely tree, colored eggs and a table free of junk so soon after moving, you are indeed living gorgeously. Congratulations. I really like brown eggs colored with cheap Easter dye. They are richer than regular colored eggs.


You put me to shame Paola!! I tried so hard, but all we managed was a belated walk out in the countryside (supposed to be a three hour walk and it got truncated to 40 mins!) after a late pub lunch. And the Boy didn't even come up with the chocolate goods!! So not impressed! Must use mind-altering powers to make him realise importance of chocolate holidays in future. Congratulations for your gorgeousness. xx


Hehe! What you can't see is the huge PILE of junk that got swept off the table so I could take the photo (and is now back on the table looking at me accusingly), nor the *counting* 6 packing boxes which are sitting just to the right of the table, nor the fact that the eggshells on the dyed eggs look like crazy paving. Oh and the tree was my way of avoiding cleaning out cupboards etc.

Dana, yes, I was really pleased with the way the eggs turned out. Brown is definitely the way to go.

Helen, I didn't get chocolate goods either and had to resort to stealing bits of the Minx's chocolate cow. (Apropos, since when have cows been part of the Easter mix?)


I was personally hankering for the M&S Easter tractor which went even further down the random route. I think the thought process must have been... Spring...lambs...chicks...farms...cows...tractors...
I'm looking forward to holiday combine harvesters and haybales next year.x

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