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I think my all time favourite red carpet dress was the pale yellow vintage dress with burgundy/brown belt worn by Cate Blanchett at the Oscars in 2005. It was controversial but I think the colour combination was edgy and interesting and really suited her skintone.
Sadly it's not for me, but I will be wearing my yellow sandals this summer - as far away from my face as possible!!

Mary Jo

Oh I agree, that Valentino gown Cate Blanchett wore is one of my all time favorites too! Back in the day when I had a tan, pale yellow was one of my favorite colors, but sadly not something I can wear these days. I'm sticking with a bright yellow tunic I love from last season and a marigold clutch (coming soon in my handbag line) :-)


A little bit on the back of your post, I purchased my first dress in about a year today and it's yellow!! Have a look at the pic on my blog - it makes me very happy though a lot guilty.
Money is massively tight at the moment, but cos I make so many of my clothes myself, the novelty of actually finding a dress I deem worthy of purchase was so great that my boyfriend treated me! Very pleased with the maxi swish.
Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!xx


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