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At last, I've been waiting for these to come back in the shops since I was 8yrs old! I've got long legs but very much of the pale frisbee damaged variety, and lets not even begin to discuss my knees, they've been described as rugby players knees. I don't play rugby.

Ok, I'm off now to see if I can find an long dress online, but organic. Hmm, not so easy unless I want to look like I'm wearing a stylish potato sack.

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wever, it fits me, is made of beautifully soft cotton georgette lined in viscose (you would not believe the man-made fibred summer dresses out there - why good people why?) and I am unable to reproduce it at my sewing machine.


very interesting read. thankfully, i saw the headline in one of my RSS feeds and had to come here to read the full story!


I am sure my wife will like your long dress..I should to tell her


awesome dress!


I've got long legs but very much of the pale frisbee damaged variety, and lets not even begin to discuss my knees, they've been described as rugby players knees.

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