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Helen, how amazing are you?!
And best of all, you found what I couldn't - I got so tied up in discovering that Next had an organic range (I don't get out much) that I never got as far as Laura Ashley, though I did have them in my radar as they used to be such big players in the long dress stakes.
Thank you Madam, you rule!


What can I say? I'm here only to serve you!! Glad you're pleased.

While you mention Next, actually, my bile for their usual run-of-the-mill-wardrobe-for-frazzled-mothers has actually retracted this season and certain pieces aren't as vile as usual. Let me know if you find any gems - am always in awe of those who can sift through the tripe!!xx

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It's simply gorgeous, and had I not already had a yellow dress added to my wardrobe, I would have been at the forefront of an orderly queue.


very interesting read. thankfully, i saw the headline in one of my RSS feeds and had to come here to read the full story!

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